Tous les jours is a French word which literally means All the days but it really means "Everyday"

Since we are already in SM North Annex for a family celebration. My sister bought a cake from Tous Les Jours.

Tous Les Jours is an  Asian-French bakery. It served bakery goods and beverages in several countries. Here in SM North Edsa, they have branches in The Block and Annex.

Tous Les Jours apple cake

The Apple Inspiration costs 548 pesos. Expensive isn't it? Well, we will see if the price is really worth it or if it's just a fad like cronuts.

Tous Les Jours apple cake 2
The Tous les jours tag on the side is a chocolate and it's edible

Tous Les Jours apple cake with candle
Candles also from TLJ
Upon eating the cake, it isn't too sweet unlike others. You can taste the apple and sort of white cheese and cream.

Tous Les Jours inside the apple cake

Closer look at Tous les Jours cake

 This cake doesn't easily melt. It is enough for a family of six. What I did not find pleasing to eat is the:

Eating Tous Les Jours apple cake leaf

You're right, I don't like the taste of the leaf. It has a somewhat bitter + green tea taste. Aargh!

Still, the cake is 4/5 stars, The price isn't bad for this.

Tous Les Jours review

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